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Listed our 700,000 items from 3,500 manufacturers,
from sundry, interior, apparel to foods!

More than 150 arrivals of new items every day!

Many items make you more differentiated than others

Seasonal items just in time
Purchase in good timing

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Easy to find your target by keywords and categories

Simple operation!
 Just "Add to cart" and "Order confirmation"!!

□You can confirm real-time stocks
 Easy to decide order numbers, sure to purchase items of
 customer order

Items secured 24 hours every time

□Fastest day shipping!

□Withhold shipping for up to seven days,
 Add purchased items as many times as possible until
 shipping date

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See and touch products for satisfying purchase in
Bakurocho Showroom.
It also provides tips for selling, such as effective way of
combining and displaying of products.
Make a quick and easy reorder on ETONET when your
ordered items are sold by your customers.
The latest information is uploaded there.

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